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Both parties to Blame, yes...

Dear Sadly,


But I agree that both parties failed... I also agree that "W" had gone thru much of the same thing with the LEFT demanding his National Guard records because they didn't believe that he served his nation. How about Palin? Boy, they raked her over the coals, with making her prove just about everything.
But I respectfully must say that you may be missing the point.

The birth certificate IS important. Many military people who were stationed in Hawaii can tell you that you can get a "Certificate of Live Birth" in Hawaii...even if you were not born in Hawaii.

But still, not the point!

The reason that this mattered is because the (lawyer)President SEALED Everything that pertains to him. WHY????? b/c he is hiding his Socialist views/intentions. he knows that Americans would never agree to put a known Socialist in the highest office in the world.

His Proven affiliation with RADICALS Ayres and Wright is only a part of his background. The radical professors who remain his friends, make Ayres look docile. In Chicago, he routinely attended Secular Socialist meetings with the likes of Ayres. Who wants a Marxist for our President? No one...and ... he knows that!

Had you EVER WITNESSED any other President of the United States of America BOW to another foreign leader? THE answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Obama sealed everything that he wrote, while serving as Harvard's first Black Editor of the Harvard Review, (I ASK YOU WHY???)Wouldn't such a DISTINCTION BE AN ABSOLUTE HONOR? I for one, would have LOVED to read the things of academic interest to such a scholar as he. sorry, UNAVAILABLE! COULD his writings be ANTI-AMERICAN??? We NEED to be paranoid, as a recent WWAY post said...
Could be the very REASON we are on the path to Haites....
BTW, He was brought up in Indonesia and Hawaii and he traveled to Pakistan after Harvard graduation, before joining the Chicago Movement.

BTW,His Academic Records are all SEALED, much like the birth certificate!
His Master's Thesis is SEALED. Why???
Mine are published available for all to see. Controversial, but published. replies welcomed!!!


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