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What did it do?

Did it get us out of Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan? No
Did it reform Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare? No
Did it fix the budget to where everyone is happy? No
Did it raise the debt ceiling? No
Did it fix our energy problems (dependency on burning fossil fuels and importing oil)? No

Trump got on the WRONG bandwagon..he got his panties in a twist when Obama stated that he wanted to eliminate tax breaks for wealthy Americans (including him). Trump could have easily faulted Obama on more substantial issues but noooo he chose the 'birther' movement. And because of his expensive marketing antics, Obama was like "REALLY Trump?"
(Obama might have spent 2 million getting that long form birth certificate but Trump spent more on creating the scrabble. Bad investment, Trump!)

This birther mania isn't about race, just average folks failing to have a good, intellectual debate about real issues. And the media turns this nonsense into a cash cow.

Get an education, folks!


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