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Only RED, no White and Blue

Commonsense,I agree with your commonsense, that Obama is out to re-create America, but first, he intends to dismantle it, by extracting one great FREEDOM, at a time, and it will be no Utopia or Fantasty land.

...A JOKE, again, the race card being called. Some may take the lead from the likes of whoppie goldberg and some are just into that 'set in stone' mindset. I strongly believe there is evidence that those days of the fuzzy logic with most peoples attempts to 'guilt' white people into accepting a racist tag are OVER.

Fuzzy logic. old and WORN OUT!!
For those who like the racist argument, Obama was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. Dark skinned people live in both places. Obama does NOT relate to aspursions of 'racism' at all. Read and LEARN all about what makes him tick.

Common, I'M with you on the Red Comrad color of Obama. BUT, maybe we have TO BE SENSITIVE to thie Diversity and "open the dialog" and speak freely (while we still have time)about being "RED".

HAVE we ever had "Czars" in the United States? We do now!

Czars!!! I can see the abject intoxicated poverty...literally sitting on the curbside now. Utopia was in our past, not our future unless we oust Obama in '12.


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