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This is getting so old.

Come on, he is half WHITE!!!! This race crap is getting so old. Did his white side win, or did his black side win? Neither, the MAN won. I don't dislike this president because he is black, I dislike him because of the terrible job he is doing. If I were black I would be so ashamed to think that this man is suppose to be the best candidate the black race has to offer. I know there are more qualified black men out there that could and would do a good job. Herman Cain is one of them, and so is Walter Williams. Forget Jackson and Sharpton unless you really want to make everything about race from their own lips. More money has been printed since Obama has taken office than has been printed in the last 200 years, What does that do for our economy? It brings down the value of the dollar and makes everything cost more. Really now, what has Obama really done to help this economy. I'm not talking about the words he reads from the teleprompter when he tells us what a great job he has been doing, I want to see the true facts of his so called claimed accomplishments. Come on people, if you wanted a black president, you could have done better than this. Stimie or Farina could have done a better job than Barack has done.


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