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Subject of race

Look, the only reason they are attacking him for his racial confusion is because they cannot find anything he is doing wrong. I mean, there really is nothing any one can do to get us out of this bloody bush situation. At least not in our lifetime. And besides the fact that he possesses a certificate of live birth from Hawaii, he wasn't born there. Few people know this, but Hawaii has a loop hole in their citizenship laws that say a person can have a baby up to 1 year old and go there to obtain a certificate of birth in that state. His true birth place is in fact in Kenya. It is actually a place where people go to celebrate his birth. So technically he is not qualified to run our country and I will probably get raided and thrown in jail for the rest of my life for leaking this but I think it is important that people know who is piloting this falling plane were on that we call a country of freedom. Also, for you people out there who says there are no aliens, or the gov't doesn't lie or believe what ur religion tells you should, for the sake of your life, watch this. It will answer any question you might have about human existence. and questions such as Why are we here? or What happens on 12 21 2012? then you will find ur answers here Really everything mentioned in this eye opener has a conclusively large amount of facts and evidence to support every topic mentioned.Please tell ur friends and Wake em up before this dream we are living is over!


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