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You need to wake up

He was not born on american soil. That is a fact. His parents traveled to Hawaii after his birth in Kenya for the sole reason that you can obtain a certificate of birth for your child up to the first year of their life. Meaning citizenship. Any ways, about ur post mentions conspiracies regarding other intelligent life forms. I have to say you must be the dumbest person on earth to still believe what the government tells you? And you still believe that aliens don't exist and that we are alone in this universe? Open your eyes! You are asleep and brain washed and exactly where the gov't wants you. There are things in this world you could never comprehend with that mindset. If you believe in any way that I am some crazy myth chaser then i dare you to watch this.

There is no possible way to deny the "FACTS" and conclusively large amount of evidence that supports every topic and accusation mentioned no matter how far fetched it sounds. If you do, by some divine miracle, brush this off as anything than what it is (THE COLD HARD TRUTH) then I feel sorry for you and anyone who might agree with your ignorant way of thinking. Our time is near and those who are still asleep(unaware of what's revealed in video) will be eradicated like sheep to slaughter. They are useless, expendable, followers who don't question. When you do realize I am right about everything, Tell everyone you know. This "dream" we are living will soon come to an end. (2012)


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