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Bus Drivers

I see this too often. It is a wonder that there are not more accidents. Driving to fast for conditions, following to close, eating and drinking while driving, are all common errors. Drivers become to familiar with their busses and they lose track. Busses do not stop on a dime and they are heavy and they take a lot of room to stop particularly when there are a lot of students on board. They cannot be designed to stop quickly as one would like, the laws of motion come to play "Bodies that are set in motion will remain in motion until an equal and opposite force stops it." Good thing that there were not students on board, some of them could very well have landed on the hosebed of the fire engine and ended up in the hospital. I think that school buss drivers need to renew their privalege, both classroom and road driving, to drive a scholl buss every year before school starts.


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