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Best you can do

Is this all the news your station has?? Really, nothing newsworthy today at all. How about some good news situations for a change.

Anway, since the beginning of law enforcement, small town departments have responded sometimes to close situations because of the slow response time for agencies whose officers are farther away. Some jurisdictions even have a 1 mile extra-territorial jurisdiction by mandate of law and at least two towns in NC have an extended 3-mile jurisdiction for response to calls of crimes in progress such as these are usually.

What would you do? Have someone badly injured or killed while waiting on Sheriff's officers who may be 15, 30, 45 or more minutes away? Would you want an officer a mile or two away or less to come assist you even if you were outside their jurisdiction and you were in bad need of their assistance?

Sometimes, when the news media beats things into a frenzy as all the incidents have been exploited by them to sell ads because of ratings, these things get blown out of proportion. This is all done for the "glory headlines" and hoping it sells ad space on their news site and for their station....a money making venture.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the safety of the public. All agencies render aid to one another in emergency responses and have for years and most likely will continue to do so. In rural areas it is almost essential just for the safety of the officers as well who are so spread out sometimes.

Come on WWAY, find something new to harp about. I, for one, am tired of hearing about this every week or more.


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