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GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let me tell you, ive seen and heard all the bs about RC SOLES and FROG until im fed up with it. Im a lady and I will tell you to this day i am a hard working person and I give all the up most respect to mr. soles. He has helped me many times before and sometimes still does. Allen is just a teenager and has had a rough life growing up. Just as i have, we have never had a mother or father figure growing up. we have always had a grandmother that busted her butt to do everything she could for us to raise us. Leave them alone! Dont judge a book by its cover because you dont know whats really going on, on the inside until you take the time to quit running your mouths and ask the person yourself. Not everyone's lives are all the same, much less perfect in the least. so for all yall that wants to talk about someone else and the way they live, think before you speak. It is ruining my family with all this drama. Frog has done his wrong and so have I and everybody else. LET IT REST!!!!!! I love you frog, your my little brother and I will always be by your side for anything


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