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You are quick to criticize Chief Dowless, well I'm not. Chief Dowless has a job to do like anyone else and he does have the right to take time off. Just because he was in civilian clothes doesn't mean he can't testify in court. When summoned to court by a presiding judge to be ready to testify at a certain time, I don't thnk Chief Dowless was worried about his uniform and you wouldn't be either in you had been in his shoes. As for Dennis Worley being RC's neighbor, why don't you ask him how many times he has had to tell RC to keep his trash on his side of the fence. I'm sure Worley was concerned for his wife and daughters and didn't want either one to be harmed when he wasn't at home. Your comments come from someone who is speaking through their butt. Know the facts. RC Soles is trouble, always has been and he loves to have his sick fun with these boys. And another thing. Why don't you identify yourself instead of picking a name everyone in TC knows. Jim Bob would never write such trash as you've written. You must be one of RC's boys.


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