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Good luck with recruiting

Yes, the benefits are very expensive. A real burden. The GI Bill alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars per individual. Let the guy retire after twenty years and he can easily make a million dollars in retainer and pension before he dies. Then you have to add in VA health benefits, VA disability, and the cost of Tricare for retirees.

Do away with those benefits and you will certainly get LEANER, fast. Absolutely NO ONE will re-enlist. Who do you think is going to volunteer to get killed, be away from their family for months or even years at a time, live (and smell) like a feral dog for weeks at a time and know that an injury can get you discharged, unless those benefits are in place?

So why zero in on the benefits for men and women who have EARNED them? Why not go after the worthless scum who serve no purpose than to produce another Medicaid recipient? Why not phase out Medicaid, put REAL time limits on TANF, food vouchers/debit cards and public/Section 8 housing, and send out the message that you have to EARN what you have in life?


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