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Federal Pell Grants

Guest 12354,

I'm with you for supporting THOSE who have earned benefits, like our veterans.

And, I too, am with you for attacking ALL OF THOSE who have been abusing the "system" for Generation after Generation.

One such abuse that is rampant is to apply for a Pell Grant.

Easily given the "FREE MONEY" because the person doesn't work, and their family does not work, and so they EASILY claim poverty and have a subsidized housing address and every member of the FAMILY ON MEDICAID to PROVE their wanton poverty. They lie about the desire to want to go to school and break the cycle of abuse. They get and cash the check. Drop out of school. Buy what they want. No need to pay back the Pell GRANT. It was "Free Money".

Don't worry about me teaching others how to do it, the people who abuse the system are so proud that they taught me how it's done.

LET's GROW THE GOVERNMENT!!! The Left is looking Pretty Stupid.


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