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hard to believe...

I usually don't post on here but I had to open my mouth on this one. True there are A LOT of people who abuse the pell grant system, that goes without saying but please don't generalize.
When I was 28 my husband passed away which left my son and I broke and terrified. I received a pell grant a year later that allowed me to return to college and graduate with my RN. I have now worked as a pediatric oncology nurse for almost 12 years--without this grant my son and I would not be in the best shape right now....there are just as many people like me that got a chance from a pell grant as there are who abuse the system--maybe even more.
So think about that before you speak against this particular 'entitlement program'. Medicaid too for that matter, many of the children dying with cancer I have treated were covered by it after their families lost everything when their child got sick. Try to look at both sides of the story--we are all one step away from disaster at any moment.


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