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Why would I sit down with you? I don't like you....

As long as you adhere to a philosophy that defends progressive income taxation and the redistribution of wealth, you are no different than the thief who broke into my house many years ago. You want to steal what is not yours.

As long as you would deprive me of the means to defend myself against that thief, and take that .45 from my hand, you are his accomplice in crime.

As long as you consider the Constitution to have some "good ideas," but believe it's a living, changeable document and not the basic law of the land, then you want to substitute political whim as the basis of all law.

As long as you view the federal government as all powerful, and the states as nothing more than vassals to carry out the will of the federal government, then I have to wonder if you ever read the Constitution.

As long as you believe that an individual "right" may require funding from taxpayers, you have no idea what a "right" is.

Now I don't know how liberal you are, and if you adhere to all those points I offered, but you evidently proudly wear the label of "liberal" and I find that most who do are "checklist liberals."

Hate the rich and punitively tax them, check.

Outlaw guns, check.

Ignore the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, check.

Believe that society has an obligation to carry the lazy, incompetent, scamming, or just plain unlucky losers in life, check.

Thanks for complimenting my intelligence. You were once a Republican who became a liberal Democrat. I was once a Republican who became a Libertarian.

Accordingly I will not compliment your intelligence. No one who has an even rudimentary knowledge of the Constitution, economics, and history could possibly be a liberal.


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