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To :Hard to Believe...

Yeah, it certainly is Hard to Believe that you MISSED the point. If you would have read the threads all the way through, you would have understood.
A previous post to mine said something like, I wish others would begin attacking abusers of the "system", instead of abusing veterans who use the G.I. Bill.

Please re-read what I wrote when commenting to that previous blog...

"And, I too, am with you for attacking ALL OF THOSE who have been abusing the "system" for Generation after Generation."

1.) Did you abuse the system at all??? No!

2.) Did generation after generation in your family abuse it? NOOOO!

We need to question the numbers of students who apply for Pell grants, get them with NO INTENT to do anything but Drop out when ther check arrives.

You didn't do that either, did you? I wasn't talking about PEOPLE who HONESTLY apply for and use the money to further their education.

When it comes to blogging, there is such a thing called Deductive Reasoning and I am noticing that there are some people that take everything so literally or are still a believer in P.C.

I didn't think I had to be sooooo politically correct to be compelled to qualify TRUTHFUL statements about one very unacceptable abuse.


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