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I do not agree

Listen the last thing I would do is out a soldier. If I were stuck somewhere and I pissed one of them off, I wouldn't want to be left because of my choices in words. But this simply must be said, you were paid to do a job, you got bonuses if you were deployed, half of the jobs are not even dangerous or even difficult for the amount of pay hourly you receive. Your food is paid for, the G.I Bill covered soo much shit its unreal. I am a hard working student and professional and have never been given a handout. I have completed my associates degree and I paid for it. The school did not pay me for coming to school so the military pays you to sign your contracts, they pay you to go to school and the pay you for the rest of your life if you just so happen to get hurt even in the smallest way. I had a close friend break his elbow really bad in the army playing flag football, the government is writing him an 800 dollar check every month for the rest of his life. I lost respect for him and he is glad I didn't shoot him in the face when all of us are suffering just to find a damn job. Kiss my ass, all the kid did was walk a dog around like a park looking for bombs. You could pay internationally 7 dollars an hour for someone without education to do that. I commend the kid on being consistent in his years as military, but he wasn't special forces, he didn't save my life. Its bullshit he believes the government owes him everything even after they paid him. It is obscure to think we owe anyone anything. I did my job, I served my country by being employed and helping out the economy in monetary terms. You don't see me lining up at doors asking for money because I signed a contract letting me know what the hell I was going to be doing. It is not fair, I am even more upset that the kid went to my school. Also, back in world war II, you had to do some amazing selfless shit to commend a PURPLE HEART< Today, they give them away like pieces of candy. The country is still in turmoil, our country is number one in GDP but we owe more money than any other country and we are outsourcing our shit all the time making absolutely nothing here. So yeah, we have real life shit to do with, not worrying about some kid asking to pay 5500 for school. I have paid 22,000 since at UNCW and still paying as a state f.. resident. Such a selfish thing to make a complaint about when others are hurting far worse. Stop getting drunk at the bars and buying trucks and maybe you can use some of that saved money in the military for more important things like the rest of us have to. I LOVE and ADMIRE the soldiers and friends I have that actually make life decisions and sacrifices but for the ones who stayed on base, never did anything productive or in danger, i feel nothing for you if you bitch. But you deserve your paycheck.


Angry UNCW Student.


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