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Again, It's the Economy! ;.)


It's about this Country's economic condition and pending Socialism.

The post was done to make a valid point, showing you what can and has happen in countries where the economy is stagnant, the government entitlements are riddled in red tape, and their "programs" mired in bureaucracy and just plain... not American!

If you don't like 4.00 a gallon, compare that to other Countries systems that adopted socialist policies, which tax it's citizenry at about 50 cents on the dollar, and give them a HORRIBLE QUALITY OF LIFE.

If we don't wise-up, we may as well just stay home and Drink like they do in Russia. But they don't stay home... see, long ago... they lost thier homes,so they sit on the curbs and drink vodka, all day, everyday. It's an epidemic. They send their scholars over here to talk to us to determine what to do to fix it.

We tell them, It is too late for you, but not for U.S.


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