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The comments that some of

The comments that some of you made are sensitive and cruel and you should be ashamed of yourselves. The things in Harolds past are irrelvant and I mean IRRELEVANT everyone makes mistakes and deserves for giveness.He lost his life he was murdered and nothing he did deserved that!If it were your family I am sure you would feel differently but, it's not SO DON'T JUDGE it's not your place or your job. The judging is left up to our ALMIGHTY GOD to do and I do not think none of you making those comments are GOD.Take a look at yourselves and at get your own lives and get that right before you say such hateful things about someone that is no longer living on this earth. Because, to say things like that you must have hate in your heart.I will pray for all of you because I do not think you know any better because,a true, loving and forgiving person that is right with themselves and with GOD would have never said such things.What if it were you and you family, son, brother, nephew, or cousin? We can't control what our family members and others do.But,if you were placed in this position how would you feel if it were your family? You definitely would not want to hear or read such negative comments after you have lost a loved one. Put your self in others shoes because, it's funny how life happens and you would feel differently if it happened to you.



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