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This is GREAT news, BUT is this really going to help? This won't end the war. This won't bring our troops home. In my opinion things will probably get worse now. He is now a martyr, and they will be mad because we killed him. He was like a god to them. How can we fight a war when we don't know who the enemy is? Is there really any difference in a radical muslim and a conservative muslim? Do the conservatives not obey the same beliefs and religion as the radicals? I go to church with people that are more out spoken than I am. They are more radical and get involved in everything that comes around be it right or wrong. But we both believe in the same God, and the same Jesus, and the same Bible. Does this mean that under the right circumstances I won't join in with them when the time is right? Of course it doesn't, because I probably would. This is how I see most muslims too. Their religion teaches what it teaches and sooner or later most of them will join in with the so called radicals too, especially under the right circumstances. So how do you fight an enemy like this, especially when our president has such close knit ties with this religion and mentality, and when our government officials want to appease their every whim.


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