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There is no heat on him

There is no heat on him regarding the birth certificate. To the satisfaction of most able-minded Americans, this was never an issue. Don't you think the RNC would have been screaming foul years ago if this was a legitimate issue? Only the right-wing nut-cases were were keeping this issue alive. And the President finally got tired of it and made them eat their words.

And you can bet that photos, and some other sort of independent verication will be released shortly, as always happens. Did you express the same doubts when the U.S. captured Saddam Hussein? Or when Ahmed Sheikh was captured? I doubt it. You are just looking for a reason to criticize a president you don't support, even when the U.S. wins a victory against its' enemies. I guess I'll take a cue from the playbook of Dubya's supporters and say that if you don't support Obama in a time of war, you're unpatriotic.

Just be happy that U.S forces killed the person responsible for 9-11 and leave partisan politics out of it for once in a row.


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