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Did an absolutely awesome job in bringing justice to the American people. He IS the Commander in Chief. And the decision to act or not to act was totally his call. Had the job went sour.. would you haters blame the Navy Seals or President Obama??? But b/c the job went as planned without a hitch, no credit goes to the sitting President??? You haters should all be thrown into the sea right along with Bin Laden. This is a very historic moment not only for this country, but for others as well. Osama tortured and killed thousands of muslims as well. This is a victory for the world. Very emotional one at that. I cried for the families that lost loved ones. Thinking about what this really meant to them. Some families can have closure and move on with thier lives. What kind of people are you to come on this board and belittle the President and make this about the republicans vs the democrats?? Great Job Mr. President!

Since you guys want to make this political. Let me say this.. I look forward to casting my vote for Pres. Obama in 2012!!


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