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Where do you live?

It is really easy to call someone a coward for not coming forward when you can go home everyday without the fear of being jumped, robbed, or harrassed. There are people living in hard times in areas where snitches get stiches or worse. I worked in law enforcement for 14 years and while it was frustrating as an officer when people would not get involved, I sometimes understood why. Live the life some of these folks have to live and then come talk to me. I do not want to hear any crap about people choose where the live and the way they live it. There are good people who are strugling to make it. There are alot of teens who are raised in some rough enviroments. So get off your high horse and stop being so judgemental. You would not make it a day in some areas with the attitude you have. By the way, I am white and live in a decent neighborhood. The only difference between us is lack of compassion!!


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