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God bless you!!!! this

God bless you!!!! this speach is so correct... Who ever done this is a big coward and they will get what is coming to them by the good lord up above the only thing they say "you must reap what you sow" they only thing who done this broke one of the 10 commanments and you best believe he will possibly brun in hell for eternity... But my sight as a parnet I would never ask my children to lie and cover up such a terriable crime.. what the law needs to do is take everyone they know was there lock there asses up until someone speaks.. because in my eyes they are just as guilty.think of it this way the law see's it as if you are in a store with a friend and a friends decides to steal even thought you don't know it you are gulity by association!!!!!!!!!!!! and every one who was at that party needs to be. then I bet you would get a answer better yet how about the persons who done it's family i'm sure if he/she is a teenager there parnets know they done it maybe they need to get them on harbing a fugtive when they catch the coward that done this... god bless to everyone...


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