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Just because a building is a

Just because a building is a public facility doesn't automatically give you the right to attend, Scott. When someone rents out a public building, like a Civic Center, they, as temporary tenants, have every right to ask someone to leave. Furthermore, just because someone has deputies providing security, doesn't give you the right to enter either. Many bars are considered private clubs. If they hire police officers to provide security, it doesn't automatically mean the bar is open to the public. You need to learn a little more about the law before you respond on these boards and look ignorant.

Many things that happen in the courthouse are off-limits to the public. When the judge meets with prosecutors and defense attorneys "in chambers," they do not invite or welcome the general public or the media.

Of course, you may want to ask if the Bar Association pays for these perks they are receiving in the form of meeting space and security. That seems like a key issue to me. Is this perk available to the general public?


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