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Closed DOOR Meeting on PUBLIC PROPERTY???

The Taxpayers of Brunswick County and every surrounding County have a right to be darn mad, they also:

1. Have 100% right to know what is being said, done and conspired upon when there is a meeting of any type on PUBLIC Property, IN a PUBLIC Building, using Public monies to provide light, heat, air-conditioning, facilities, janitorial service, and use of any audio-visual, computer equipment.

2. Have a right and an obligation to inform The Brunswick County BAR Association, (no matter what they got away with in the past), that they need to cease and desist, and hold their sneaky meetings at the greasy spoon, or PAY for the use of the meeting room and keep the meeting OPEN to the PUBLIC.

3. Need to inform the County Commissioners that this use of TAXPAYER funded facilities is NOT, I repeat, NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE and we need to be reimbursed on our taxes for all indescrete use of our public facilities. OR KEEP THE MEETING OPEN!

4.) Need to inform the County Commissioners that Judge OLA LEWIS Needs to Personally Reimburse the county for the use of a Brunswick County Sheriff Deputy for a PRIVATE MEETING IN A PUBLIC FACILITY, USING TAXPAYER ELECTRICITY, air conditioning, etc., while KEEPING THE PUBLIC LOCKED OUT. WWAY reported "Brunswick County Judge Ola Lewis had requested security for the meeting to keep anyone from coming in."

WWAY, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS SLY, SLICK AND WICKED networking to LIGHT and thank you for at least TRYING... not once, but twice to gain ADMISSION! If you need tickets, try showing them your PAID TAX RECEIPT!


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