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Scott, I certainly do


I certainly do appreciate you challenging me on your continued disgraceful reporting. Here are just a couple of "so-called facts" that have absolutely no merit whatsoever. I would love to know where you received these "facts." I would also hope that your supervisors or news directors take a serious look at what your news station has become.

1) Bar meeting to discuss Jon David's traffic program or Street Safe. I have spoken with several people who have informed me that these programs were never discussed. Where did you get your information regarding the contents of the meeting?
2) Judge Jerry Jolly's relationship with RC Soles. I am sure that you are aware that lew enforcement officer conduct investigations against the accused. A judge would not be involved in the prosecution, instead this would fall directly to the elected District Attorny. Please let me know where you received your information that Judge Jolly has ever acted inappropriately with regards to Mr. Soles.
3) Streets being less safe because law enforcement has to be in court. Again, where did you get this information? As I am sure you aware through your research, officers have monthly court dates. They typcially don't come to court until they are called. Again, another "fact" that just isn't true.

Scott, your reporting is slanderous. Accusing a judicial official of improper rulings or acting unethically is slanderous. You should apologize for your reporting. You are hurting people and attempting to make news. As a reporter, you should be ashamed. You have investigated any of the facts, you simply report what you think will sell. That is not what a local news station is for. They should unbiasly report the news. I certainly hope that if you want to pursue this story, you contact some of the local bar members. I think that you would be very surprised of some of their opinions. Again, thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

- Brunswick County Resident


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