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Having been a part of the

Having been a part of the legal community in Brunswick County for over twelve years, I think it's hilarious that so many people seem to think there are actually all kinds of shady and nefarious dealings going on. The judges, DAs and attorneys are, by and large, hard working men and women who believe in the system they are sworn to uphold, and just trying to make a living at the job they trained long and hard to do. They don't have time for the kinds of shenanigans you seem to think they are up to. All of you who think there are back-door deals and sneaky pay-outs happening have been watching WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much television. This isn't "Law and Order" people, it's real life, and real people trying to do their real jobs.

WWAY, your reporting is no better than a newspaper tabloid. "Blowing Smoke Up Judge Jolly's Robe?????" TACKY and TASTELESS. Have a little integrity.


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