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Well I have worked in and around the court system for the last twenty years as well. Most of my time has been in District 13, that is to say, before RC, Tyler and Rhone Sasser divided it into "a & b." Perhaps you were not privy to nor did the "boys" include you in the numerous meetings. I speak of those that happen on the golf course or at the judges' homes or on the telephone at 11 pm. It goes on. Believe you me, it happens. Justice is driven, tweaked and held hostage by a few white haired old men. The transition team seems to be some women also. The good old boys no longer wear pointed hoods but are clean cut, tie and dress wearing black and white thugs that you claim are "above reproach."
Is throwing a case ok?
Is working the case behind the scenes so that attorneys know what is going to happen before they ever get into court ok?
Is covering for a child molester ok?
Is dividing a district so that one could create an office just to stay in power ok?
I could say more but you may actually be true. Perhaps you were kept outside of the box. Open your eyes. But then again, you could be "one of them."


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