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commercial vs SPORT

I am against commercial[comm] fishermen netting,gigging and trawling within 2 miles of our NC shoreline. No other SE state allows their nurseries to be consistantly plundered to make a few dollars by a few people. Check the size and number limits and you will see the difference. We have just been punished in recreational[rec] flounder limits because of comm. incessant gigging and netting in the very place where they spawn and grow to keeper size. Other states stopped this years ago and their tourist numbers show it. Ask anyone who fishes Topsail Island and they will tell of the last few years of terrible success. Multiply the new ocean license numbers x$15,then add the price of rentals,gas,tackle and food for a start. Then compare the comm. economic effect and you will see a huge difference! This process lacks so much common sense that a real investigation needs to see why it still exists!


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