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Just more ammunition for the insurance companies... raise their rates again...and again...and again.
"Storm surge can cause extensive damage when seawater breaks through structures and carries debris with it. That's what happened in New Orleans in 2005, when storm surge from Hurricane Katrina broke the levee system and flooded most of the city and surrounding parishes." RIGHTO! Let's simply disregard the fundamental FACT that New Orleans is a city with millions of people that is located 4 feet BELOW sea level as it is (that's why there are levies in the first place)! Katrina hitting New Orleans was a long overdue incident that WILL happen again with similar results. Who was the brainchild that said, "Let's rebuild our soupbowl to gather more soup."?
So where are the studies of inland flooding (100 miles+) as occurred during "Floyd", or the inland tornadic activity spawned by "Fran" that induced so many Billions of dollars in damage? What about the midwest flooding that is happening now? What about all of the record tornadoes in the midwest and south?

Data published in this manner is totally one-sided, pointed and without full merit performed by a real estate data agency I've never even heard of.


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