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Barfield is embarrassing and arrogant-

It is a shame he seems to speak for county-even when he has no right to do so. Barfield threatened school board members.
Barfield threatened the mayor of another town on the Transport Board. Barfield was for more proerty taxes-till others stood up against his deceit. He tells us no more time off for county employees-did he clear that statement with his other Commmsssioners. Barfield in his newsletter today says we should agree to a deal with a 3rd party to run our County medical center. did he clear that with others or is it just his arrigance and does he really mean he is for it. He had said there would be hearing and an oppportunity for public to comment-why not wait to hear what we the citizens want and think? Why was he ever selected- arrogance is no substitute for accomplishment-let's send him packing in the next election. Better yet let us all pray that Barfield at some point understands and shows a recogition of "humble" and that in a democracy he serves the people and not us serving him.


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