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Barfield is a hypocrit and lier-Med Center

Hey Bardfield--why ask for public input on regional med center when you are already advocating a position--you took exception to others speaking for Board before a vote--where do you get right to do so before a public hearing and input--you are a phony baloney. You talk out of both sides of your mouth--for taxes then against them, for titan then against it. Thank heavens we have Berger and others to stand up to you-hopefully, he will have the courage to call you out for the lier you are. Lots of talk---before you throw stones at others you might look at your reflection in a mirror-when it comes to being truthful-you have a long way to go. The arrogance of your conduct, the hypocrisy of some of your recent public comments are there for all of us to see. Cant wait to vote you out in 2012-you are a terrible public servent.


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