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First of all let me say I am

First of all let me say I am NOT defending Steve; however, as the comment states below, this is a very hard job that does not pay that great of money. I for one do not think you should group all persons who hold a job as a "bouncer" into the same category. Its just like cops, there is always going to be a bad seed, this does not make them all bad, and I am pretty sure your one of those humans that have nothing positive to say about any kind of structure/law/rules/etc. but are the first one to run to those same people when you need help.
Having said that - if you go to a bar and don't show your tell you want have this problem. As for the owner of Fat Tony's, he of all people should know what the rules and regulations are for bars and their patrons that are handed down from Alcohol Law Enforcement and should set a good example and actually follow those laws. None of us were their and yes Steve has over acted on numerous occasions but i could almost bet that this guy isn't as innocent as he is playing himself out to be. He's just pissed and embaressed cause he got his butt beat in front of all his friends and feels like he has something to prove.


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