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I too was denied entry to the Sidebar...

3 times in 2006 or 7. I met 2 acquaintances by chance one night on the sidewalk. They said, 'We're going to the Sidebar. Wanna come along?' I said 'yes.' They got in without question, but I was asked for my membership card. I said I was the guest of the 2 acquaintances and/ or would like to apply for membership as I had dome at many other 'Private Clubs.' The bouncer told me I needed to come back 10AM--5PM Tue.--Fri. to speak to the Membership Manager to apply!

Several days later I happened to be downtown in the daytime & went to the Sidebar. I opened the door and saw a meeting of owners/ managers, one of whom scowled, 'What do you want? We're closed!' I asked for the Membership Manager & was told he wasn't there. Then one night a bouncer of another bar confirmed my suspicion that this is a common ploy to exclude anyone who doesn't fit in to their clientele--wrong age, race, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. OK, I'm 40-something & most Sidebar customers are 20-something. Perhaps he thought I was an ALE agent or looking for trouble with my daughter's boyfriend or something!


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