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How much will they allocate....

....for bizarre, unrecognizable lumps of metal that someone on the city council claims is "art?" They'll have to try hard to top the giant bowling pins that make people wonder what bowling had to do with the 1898 riots, or the collapsed, bent scaffolding on the corner of College and MLK.

Still, a friend is a friend and when a friend needs tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to avoid having to get a real job, you and your buddies vote to get that friend some money!

"If they don't have to increase taxes...." IF???? Do you truly believe that the city council will pass up ANY justification at all to raise taxes? Once this starts the $7 million will grow to $11 million with all the crappola they will add on as a "critical part" or "unanticipated problem" relating to that project.

Perhaps they could simply resurface the road and recognize that North Third is a commercial corridor that people simply use to get from the North end of the county to Carolina Beach Road. Why even try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?

"Ooooh! Honey! Look at that GORGEOUS U-Haul and storage facility...and look - a winshield replacement business!"


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