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Duke University trains feminazis

Just because the accused are white and male doesn't make them guilty and the serial false accuser is black and female doesn't make her innocent. I hope that the police, Duke University, and anyone else who were screaming for the heads of these young men are permanently crippled financially and shown for the bigots they all are. The cry for blood in this case should only die down when the history of gross wrong-doing by the officials in charge is forgotten. This case should be used to train in what NOT to do... ever! The lesson here is that if you are a white male, you are guilty of whatever a black female lies about and a black female can commit a felony by lying to police and this felony magically doesn't get charged. I'm sure those who supported Mangum in her lies and false accusations are proud of her advancement in her criminal career to go on the murder. But then, who only murdered a male, so no problem.


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