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Bin Laden Photos

I don't understand where "respect" comes into the picture. We were given no respect by this man from minute one. As for fear of Muslin anger, I remain confused. What they are saying is that it is okay to kill this man, but you have to be respectful from that point on. The body being disposed of within 24 hrs sound a little fishy to me. Again, you can kill this man but then you have to be respectful? How convenient is that? Any of these people who would be offended by us having proof are going to react regardless. Can they not understand us wanting reassurance that this man is gone from harms way? They shouted and cheered when all the innocent Americans died at this mans command. I understand that we do not exactly see things the same, but give me a break. I bet if the government could find a way to make money selling the pictures they would be mass producing them. The only problem is they know that they would sell only a few and then they would be reproduced and put on the internet. Besides, you can get a view of what they are describing as gruesome in the average theater now a days. Oh, they are making money on that one so I guess it’s okay to show. Obama is getting credit for all this being done, but he is not the one on the front line. Our upstanding citizens are the one’s dying and he’s got body guards. I often wonder which side Mr. Obama is really on. Maybe we should bring our troops home and guard our own country. I think we are going to need them very soon. I guess it’s still okay to say “God Bless us All”…..


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