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I can not believe you, of all people

asked the rhetorical question. I wonder how many will read this and wonder what rhetorical is. Answer -- it is not the full first name for Rhett Butler.

1. Cut out the free cell phones.

2. Limit Section 8 housing to 12 months unless the recipient is permanently disabled.

3. Limit Food Stamps to 12 months unless the recipient is permanently disabled. Eliminate Food Stamps for any recipient who uses them to purchase smokes or alcohol.

4. Eliminate Medicaid for all illegal immigrants or aliens.

5. No bennies, of any type, for baby machines who have babies without the benefit of an identifiable Father or husband. IN fact, eliminate entitlements with the third pregnancy.

6. Eliminate Medicaid benefits after 12 months for those physically able to work who choose not to.

7. Require ALL entitlement recipients, other than those physically disabled, to perform 40 hours per week of public service. Be a school bus monitor; work in the school cafeteria; help maintain school and public building grounds. Oh, no paid vacation or sick leave or paid holidays.

8. If your underage child is a thug wannabe and a threat or disturbance in school or works the streets as a Dealer and is convicted, the Parents immediately lose all entitlements.

There's a 8 Point Plan.


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