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First, let me say, Roy does

First, let me say, Roy does not just "roam" my neighborhood. He is inside as much as he is out. As a cat, he does like to go out and explore. He is fed daily and well taken care of. As far as wondering into the trap, he is a cat and curious by nature. That does not mean that he was starving. He is up to date on all of his rabies and vaccinations. He does have tags but I do not make him wear them. I have had several break-away collars on him but he has gotten out of and lost every one of them. There is no need to trash me for letting my cat go outside. That is what he likes to do. He is not content staying indoors. He was neutered as a kitten so he does not spray peoples properties.
I am not trying to get rich by making this public people. I want the organization to be more responsible and careful with what they are doing. This is my pet! He is now missing half of his ear and was cut open unnecessarily. Not to mention, that he was surgically operated on as a female cat. If the vet that performed the surgery can not tell the difference between the sex of the cats they work on, they do not need to be working on them!


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