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OK, mixing up the gender was

OK, mixing up the gender was not a good thing; however, let's not throw out the kitty with the bathwater. FOF is a group of volunteers, normal citizens who use their own time and money, in an atempt to control the cat population. They spay/neuter hundreds of cats and thus prevent hundreds of animals from a life of suffering and/or death.
The feral life is usually very short and not one of comfort and ease. During their approximate 2 year lifetime, they have no medical care, sparse food supply, cold cold winters, & forget about love. All the comforts your house kitty may have, they will never have.
Perhaps more quality control in FOF is called for (too few volunteers to do a big job). But if this organization did not exist, there would be many many more unfortunate kitties in the wild.
If you'd like to make it better, give them a call - they could use the help.


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