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Where to begin!!! If it

Where to begin!!!

If it wasn't for people like FOF with their trap, Spay/Neuter and release program where would we be today with the cat population?
This organization soley exists by people who care about these animals, why else would they spend their nights and weekends helping these cats and "our community" to make a difference.

They take care of colony's all around this county, feeding them, getting them to the vets, at their own cost not asking anything from anyone. These colony's exist because of us "the materialistic all about me, human being" we should be thanking these individuals for being as dedicated to this cause as they have for so many years and making a difference.

So why wouldn't you put a collar on your cat? oh!!! it's dangerous you say, excuses, excuses, when was the last time you went to the pet store?? You cannot buy anything but safety collars, my cats wear them and they work, I may loose a collar but never a cat and because I care I go and buy another replacement collar, thats what you do if you cared enough.

Meribeth, you want to find fault, look in the mirror and take ownership of your own neglect. If you were so concerned about Roy why on earth haven't you already had him to the vet???? What are you waiting for?

Friends of Felines I applaud you for all you do, and thank you for taking the time to make a difference for the cats. Also ensuring they get the shots, protecting them, us and our personnal pets. These cats have no homes and life would be much more difficult for them with out you, I know many of us feel this way, so again a huge THANK YOU!!


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