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Friends of Felines is

Friends of Felines is HELPING the county. All volunteers. The cat was wandering, with no collar, and hungry. I live in an apartment complex with SEVERAL cats wandering in and out of the woods. I have absolutely no idea if they're feral or tame, they're all well fed and friendly. Yet, they are ALWAYS outdoors. I applaud Friends of Felines. If everyone is so concerned about their 7 (WHY SO MANY????) cats, volunteer to help them out! People freak out about friendly dogs being off a leash for 30 seconds, then put your cat on a leash or keep them indoors. Face it, if your cat is outdoors, he/she is bound to get more than a little tip of their ear taken off. They risk being attacked by other feral cats and more dangerous animals. Be a responsible pet owner and instead of complaining-DO SOMETHING. If you have the time to do a newscast and complain, offer to help so this doesn't happen again.


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