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The issuse of the vet

Obviously not checking the sex of the cat before preceding is disturbing, and as a former vet tech, that's not a mistake I can understand.

I don't know the exact animal law at this exact location in the story, but pretty much everywhere the law is that an animal must be under control and on the owner's property. If the animal wanders off the property, all bets are off. I cannot understand people who just let them out to roam. And it's the people who are letting their cats roam that seem to be supporting what this lady did. If you have an animal, you are responsible for having that animal under control at all times. You have no more right to let a cat roam than you do to let a large dog. I just don't get people who feel it's okay to shirk this responsibility. Maybe one of you who do this can help me understand? Because as I see it, if the cat is off your property, loose, it is out of your control, and that means you're being irresponsible. Period.

Cats (and dogs) that act crazy to go outdoors are usually still intact. Their first priority in life is to to get out and mate. That's more important than food, or comfort, or you. When those instincts kick in, that's all that's in their heads. And females will keep cycling through until they get pregnant, putting them at high risk for pyometria. Get non-breeding cats spayed/neutered. It will make life easier for both of you.

All cats can spray. Spaying/neutering does not change that. My vet had three cats, two male, one female, and all had been "fixed" early. But when we had an upset cat come into the vet that left it's mark that day, that night the males would go around the office spraying everything, and after a while the female would join in, too. It's ne of the worst smells there is (parvo was the worst ever), and hard to get all cleaned up because you have to find it all to clean it all.

I have a cat because someone was irresponsible, and this cat ended up stuck up on a post on my fence. She was skinny, hungry and scared, but very friendly, and obviously not a stray. We posted everywhere, but no one claimed her, or put up any flyers or anything. She likes to hang around the door, and she'd like to go out, so I can see how she ended up out there. She now has a breakaway collar. All the excuses people have made against collars are ridiculous, but I guess it's easier to justify to yourself if you let your cats roam in the first place. A collar isn't safe, but letting them roam is okay?


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