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Perdue's Op-Ed

I guess the problem with North Carolina's economy is that our educators did such a wonderful job of enlightening us that we became "to smart" for all of the jobs that were here in this state and have gone in the last twenty years. We are now so smart that, if we can't just "google it" to find the answer, we move on and never put forth the effort to learn.

Budget cuts to the schools??? Oh my! Try turning off the A/C and open the windows. That seemed to work back before the eighties when we wore long pants and shoes to school. Surely in todays world of tank tops, shorts and flip flops the kids will survive it. Teachers assistants... never saw one until I arrived at college, yet somehow my teachers always made it happen and that was without a computer making it easier for them. Want to reduce maintenance costs on the buses...stop wearing out the brakes by making stops every 150 yards. Kids will easily walk a quarter of a mile to go play at their friends house, let them walk off some of those happy meals by putting a little more distance between the bus stops.

Has North Carolina gotten it's money's worth for the education dollars we've spent over the last thirty years? Do the few "high tech" jobs we've gotten really make up for the hundreds of thousands of industrial jobs we've lost?


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