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budget cuts.

I would like to reply about teacher assistants in the classrooms. Some people feel that they are not vital to education, not so. Assistants are the backbone of the teacher. I agree years ago there were no teacher assistants in the classroom. Children are much different to day. Learning has taken on a new meaning. What most of you were learning in second grade kindergarten is learning now. There are a wide vast of learning abilities, personalities, assessements that teachers do all year. The T.A. can work with small groups, work one on one with a student that may have difficulty learning what is being taught. Teachers get overwhelm doing so many task until the students may not get all the learning they need. There is so much for educators to do. Please don't think that children come to school and sit and just listen to what the teacher is saying. When you have twenty little bodies in one classroom there is much to do. There are tying shoes, wiping noses, loving them when they get a boo boo. Driving them to school, making sure they go through the lunch and breakfast line, wiping faces, drying tears, helping to form their letter, sounds, teach , math and make sure they all feel love and welcome. The school need all the small people and the big people also in order to make school a learning and safe environment.


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