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Teacher and pay

The teachers are the problem, they are sorry and are always crying about this and that. They get state insurance for free and when we want to charge them about 150 dollars a month for it, they cry about it, I pay over 450 dollars a month for worse insurance and they think I feel bad for them ,LOL, and then they want to work only 20 years and live good for ever, it is stuff like this that causes our state and counties to be broke. They think we should work every day of our life and support them just because they wanted to work a job that only worked about 55% of the year,that's right school is only 180 days and the few extra work days, and while we are on the work days, what's with that, every time you turn around, it's school out for a teacher's work day, is that the only days they work? As far as the teacher's aids, I never had them when I was in school, the teachers did their jobs, not pass it on to someone else to do. Let this bunch of cry babies work 8 hours a day, without an aid, and do it for 52 weeks a year for 47 years like we have to to retire and then see how they like it. They cry about having to buy supplies, well welcome to the real world, every tradesman in the world has to buy their tools to do and keep their job. The real reason there isn't enough money in the school system here in Bladen County is that we keep having to look for new supers to run our system because our school board can't pick someone to do it without outside help and taxpayer's cost, and then they pick someone who can't be happy with a 150K a year job but has to steal more so we can waste more money looking again and again and everytime one quits or is forced to, they use the asst. super and pay to find another, if he can do the job when their buddy gets caught with his hand in the jar, can't he did it all the time? And while we are on the school board, if all of them are so "for the children" why don't they do the job for free? The central office costs us more than any one school in the county. When the limit is taken off the charter school and REAL schools get to open in the state, you will see these boards, these central offices and these teachers get off their cans and work like the rest of us are expected to do to support them.
They know it and that's why they want the limit on charter schools, they know we will take our children and put them in a better place and they will be out of a job and have to work FOR A LIVING and not set in a room, on their butts and cry about everything.


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