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You kidding me??

Wait a minute, hold up....Needham, as in Needham Animal Hospital??? What sort of connection or relationship exists here?? I certainly don't believe the animal hospital is involved in least I hope not. Can't identify the sex of a cat??? Who are these vets? Interns? What clinic is doing this? Give me a's one thing to pick up a cat that they think is roaming....but cutting into it because they can't determine the sex is absolutely ridicules. My cat doesn't go out and neither does my dog with out a leash etc, but if someone touched any of my animals like this, there would be seriouse repercussions. Everyone can sit around and point fingers about the cat being out and not having a collar, blah, blah, but put yourself and your animal in this postion. Dang right they owe her extensive check ups on that cat....and at a reputable vet, not some clinic!


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