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How do you think....

How do you think FoF finds these areas with feral cats? Neighbor complaints and requests for action. What would you prefer, FoF coming in and helping with a problem or backing off and the end result being hundred or thousands of kittens flooding animal shelters later this year....the majority of which will be euthanized?

And just a little anatomy for some of the people who are crucifying this wonderful organization thinking they are all-knowing about cat anatomy. If a male kitten is neutered very young the sex organs do not develop, hence no visible S*. A male cats P* retracts inside the body which gives the appearance of 2 openings if the S* never developed properly (using letters so WWAY does not reject my post). This can give a male cat a very female appearance. This entire incident was a big mistake, the organization took responsibility and is making amends.

Can people please chill out, believe me you are doing far more harm trashing this organization than good. How do you think this will affect donations and people asking for help in the future? The end result will be an explosion in cat populations and thousands more unwanted cats getting put to sleep. Please consider this before you continue to vent on this organization that does so much good in our county.


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