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Thanks for the obvious

Thanks for the obvious're correct that story does say Needham is not a veterinarian...I know this, as you said it was in the story, I never said she was. It's pretty obvious she's not a vet, she heads up the organization. Read my comment again...I simply asked what connection does name only, not with the establishment! I never implied they had anything to do with Needham beyond the name. Just saw last name Needham....kinda weird, huh, don'tcha think? I know who the vets are there and who owns the place, and like and respect them all, love the place, highly recommend them, and have been going there for years with my animals and will continue to do so, but the name just struck me as quite coincidental. I also said I'm certain they don't have anything to do with this because they know what they are doing there....these other so-called licensed vets don't. I just simply asked what the name connnection was....simple observation. Oviously a Needham owned the animal hospital at one time. I applaud FoF for their intentions and think they have good intentions in what they are trying to do, but their baiting and other methods are seriously flawed and the folks they are using for the procedures need obviously need some more schooling. I'm not a vet, so I definitely wouldn't claim to know, but definitely expect more from someone with the degree and experience.


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