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Unless you were in court to

Unless you were in court to see the bond hearing that turned into a plea I suggest that you do not comment. Had you been in court you would have seen first hand how the USSA attempted to avoid answering the direct questions from the Judge. Fortunately the Judge did his job well and asked the correct questions which resulted in the USSA (and the Investigator when she wouldn't provide the full answer) having to say the names of the multiple guilty parties in this case and what actually happened. Had you been in court you would have seen the truth of this case. You would have heard the Investigator say that every person that had a credit card application submitted actually received, used (for business & personal expenses), paid the bill and then filed bankruptcy on the cards that Mr. Goddard has taken the blame on.

Mr. Goddard's children, family, & friends were in court to support him. Mr. Goddard did what he felt was the right thing to do for his family. Mr. Goddard took responsibility for his part and much, much more. Now it is time for everyone else that spent this money and didn't mind putting someone else away for it take their responsibility.

I hope that the Judge remembers this day in court at sentencing.


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